Master Blend Family Farms

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Animal Welfare

Master Blend Family Farms was AWA certified on August 8, 2013. At our farms, we subscribe to the animal welfare position put fourth by the National Pork Producers Council.

National Pork Producers Council’s Position on
the Responsible Treatment of Animals

The U.S. pork industry recognizes our moral and ethical obligation to provide for the responsible treatment of our animals. Any willful mistreatment or neglect of animals is unacceptable; we do not and will not defend those that choose to participate in the mistreatment of animals. The U.S. pork industry takes animal well-being very seriously and has a history of developing programs that help to train our members and their employees on proper animal care, handling and transporting procedures. We affirm our obligation to act swiftly to end any mistreatment and take immediate corrective actions to fully restore proper and responsible animal care.


Herd health is vitally important in hog production, and our bio security practices are intended to protect our pigs from disease and poor performance. Healthy pigs grow faster, perform better, have higher livability, are easier to maintain and produce the highest-quality pork products.

On Master Blend Farm sites, all visitors must receive authorization to enter the farm. We make sure that visitors are wearing articles free of any organic matter from other farms and that vehicles are disinfected & kept at a safe distance from the pens.

Animal Rotation

Our facility has a scheduled rotation plan based on the number of individuals on each pasture. The lots housing 25 pigs are rotated every 90 days. When a grazing area is relieved, we throw out seeds to regenerate the vegetation in that pasture. An open pasture remains open 30 to 45 days before any pigs are reintroduced to that area.  The pastures housing two sows can be regenerated by running a divider up the middle of the pen and rotating and reseeding as needed.
Emergency  Response Plan

The grid is made up of a network of pens that all connect to an alley way. Each pasture has a gate that leads to the alley as well as a gate that leads outside of the pens where a trailer can have access. During emergencies, they would be removed through the safest passage and shipped to an alternative facility.

Our company strives to use the highest quality ingredient sources available and formulations to provide nutritional products for our customers. We believe in giving our animals the vitamins and minerals in the correct proportions to help the animals ward off or cure diseases along with improving growth rates. From conception to market, over half a pig's life is spent during the gestation phase prior to birth.Our feeding program provides a proper balance of nutrients at each stage of production, and is compatible to different sow types. It's important for us to pay close attention to the nutritional needs of our animals.

A properly balanced ration during gestation helps ensure:

  • better survivability at birth
  • stronger pigs
  • sows maintain body condition after farrowing
  • maximize milk production for healthier pigs

Environmental Management

At Master Blend, we’re committed to environmental stewardship. By partnering with environmental experts we are able to solve environmental challenges, improve our operation and make a positive impact.

All of us at Master Blend are committed to reducing our impact on the land, water and air resources we use. Our concentration on environmental stewardship doesn’t stop with complying with state and federal environmental regulations.

We have gone above and beyond regulatory compliance through our voluntary implementation of a comprehensive Environmental Management System (EMS) throughout the company. Our EMS is an effective management tool that ensures an organized approach to identifying and successfully managing those parts of our operations that could impact the environment.